David Pevsner || **NSFW** || The “No-Tell Motel” Series

The “No-tell MOTEL” SERIES

Oh, Mr. David Pevsner. How long has it been. Two, maybe three years? There was so much body oil and baby powder…and wood…so much wood. In the garage…remember? Our last photo session together. In LA. What did you think I was talking about. Well, nonetheless…David and I had a chance to get together in West Hollywood the last time I was in Los Angeles. He came to the hotel where I was shacked up during my visit. And you know, that old adage…people do things in their hotel rooms they would never do in their own homes…well, yeah. We proved that one to be pretty accurate. Having said all of that…we had a great time and in the end made some great images. Thank you, David, for being patient with me! It’s taken me much longer to get these photos published than I had hoped, but hey…life. Now…finally…please enjoy “The No-Tell Motel Series” starring David Pevsner. (P.S.: Some of these images…and a lot of other sexy ones are published in the December 2016/January 2017 issue of PlayBear Magazine…head on over here and check it out…)

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