Niko Reeves & Lex Anthony: 2-for-1 || **NSFW** || Adult Performer, Model, Dancer

Niko Reeves • LEX ANTHONY

So, have you ever heard of Lex Anthony? Or how about Niko Reeves? Well, if you’ve heard of one, you’ve heard of the other. They are one in the same.

For quite some time, Lex and I had been scheming, plotting and planning to work together. For one reason or another, on more than one occasion, it just hadn’t worked out. Until recently…

The sexy San Francisco resident and I met up at Baker Beach for some shenanigans…which included dry paint, wet paint, sand, ocean, cliffs…and a lot of skin. Be sure to follow his adventures via his social media on  Facebook or Twitter.

Press PLAY ▶︎ to enjoy Collide by Leona Lewis & Avicii while viewing.


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