David Brown || **NSFW** || Musical Director, Exhibitionist, Beloved Bear


(Very few) Ladies and (Mostly) Gentlemen, I present to you the very sexy David Brown of San Francisco. Whether dressed to perform concert piano…or not dressed at all…he is one adorable, sexy bear of a man.

These photos are from a session David and I had together back in 2014. It’s taken me some time to get through all of the images and decide how I really wanted to present them. David is the kind of young man that I wish I had been. Confident. Talented. Comfortable in his own skin. I am really proud to know him and I look to him, as I am much older now, as an example of the way I hope to begin to embrace myself and life going forward.

Press PLAY ▶︎ to enjoy Canon in D by Pachelbel while viewing.


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