Allen Evan || Athlete, Fitness Guru, Model

Allen Evan

Some folks have just got it all. Personality. Brains. Skills. Looks. Allen Evan is one of those guys, and I have been lucky to work with him over the years.

Allen and I did a shoot together some years ago…early on in my career and when he was much younger. I really loved meeting him, and was happy with the photos we created together…but…I never felt quite as good about them as I could have. I felt like I hadn’t done as good as I could have with this gorgeous specimen of a man that I had been given the opportunity to photograph…and I had never quite gotten over it.

Well, as fate would have it, Allen and I ran into each other late last year on some random weekday afternoon. It was great to bump into him, and it made me think, “Whoa…maybe he’d give me another chance to work with him!” Later that night I reached out to him via text and said (I’m paraphrasing here), “You’re still super hot…let’s shoot again.” In reality, I was much more professional and polite…but…you get the idea. To my delight, he was very open to the idea…and we made a plan to make a plan.

We both wanted to do something very different than we had done together previously. I had been dying to try out some dry paint that I had gotten at an art store nearly 6 months prior, and asked if he liked the idea of doing something artsy like that. He was totally in. YES!


We met up in Marin County on another not-so-random weekday afternoon early this year. While we were getting ready to shoot, Steven and I were chatting, catching up and deciding how we were going attack this photo shoot. Since it was the first shoot of its kind for both of us, neither of us had a clear vision of how to begin. In the end…we did what I do with all of my models any way…get started and see what happens. And that’s just what we did.

Allen was such a good sport. I had him climbing all over…up and down the coastline, up and down the hill, on the grass, in the dirt, on the ground. I was pelting him with paint and spraying him with water…in the winter, bay breeze nonetheless…and no matter what I threw at him, literally, he looked and acted like a pro. Allen is a really wonderful and quite shy guy…so to watch him own his space is really something fantastic to witness first-hand. Allen is a professional athlete and a coach, so he is used to the concept of needing to deliver on demand, but concept and execution are two vert different skills, and he is able to deliver like a champion.

I had such a great time working with Allen, and I’ve already gotten a few more paint-themed sessions in the can since our time together. Thank you, Allen, for making the experience so great for me that I wanted to just dive right back in. I am really, really proud of the work we did during this shoot and I have now officially been able to let go of the past and enjoy the concept of only looking forward. I hope you all love the fruits of our labor and much as I do.

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