Chad Sanders || Actor, Drink Slinger, Furry Heartthrob


I’d seen him from afar before. Hanging out with friends, mixing cocktails at Fubar or being my favorite furry law enforcement officer, Detective Winters, on the hit web-series “Where the Bears Are.” As fate would have it, as things usually seem to work out in Hollyweird, Chad Sanders and I have some mutual friends. So in a way reminiscent of the elementary schoolyard…I asked my friend to ask his friend to ask Chad if he would want to do a shoot with me someday. When Chad told his friend to tell his friend to tell me, yes…you guys…I almost died.

Any way…Chad and I finally connected up, like the grown men we are, and set a date to shoot while I was visiting Los Angeles. We didn’t have a solid concept as to what we were going to shoot, but when he showed up with, literally, his bag of tricks…I was thrilled. Chad was pulling article of clothing after article of clothing out of his HUGE tote bag and began to load them upon the wardrobe rack in the studio. I had never seen such a wide cross-section of fashion statements before in my life. Well maybe that one time I visited OUT OF THE CLOSET in West Hollywood, but that was a whole store with sizes for many different people. Chad’s collection was all for him. I. Was. In. Heaven.

Slowly but surely, as we got more comfortable with each other, Chad started sharing with me the fact that he did indeed have a direction he wanted to go…all over the place. And I was in. Our photographic journey went to the 70’s, Florida, high school, the strip club…and a few other rare gem time-leaps mixed in for good measure. Chad’s willingness to be silly and vulnerable and strong made the whole process feel like a dream for me. If I had to put my finger on what made Chad’s session so very special to me, it would be the fact that he didn’t bring even a semblance of ego to the party. He wasn’t worried about looking goofy or “bad” at all. He buttoned his shirts crooked…on purpose. It was so refreshing.

Recently, I was selected to be the “photographer spotlight” in issue #4 of PlayBear Magazine (link NSFW). Four photos from our “striptease” series below were the jumping off point for the interview, and I couldn’t have been more proud to share the work we created together.

But enough of me. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy Mr. Chad Sanders in all of his playful, sexy glory.

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