Jeremy Jordan King, Novelist || **NSFW** || On Location in NYC


I had the honor of working with some very talented people during my trip to New York at the end of 2014. Jeremy Jordan King was one of them. Jeremy grew up on the Jersey Shore, where his primary goal in life was to become a mermaid. When that proved impossible, he decided the next best thing would be to move to New York City and study theater at Marymount Manhattan College. His first two novels … In Stone and Night Creatures … are now available. His newest release, Dark Rites, hits shelves next month. Besides writing fiction, he dabbles in essays, screenwriting, and illustration. So, like I said…a very talented person indeed. A mighty fine looking one as well. To top it off…he couldn’t be more of a darling be around and work with. He’s a triple+ threat…no doubt.

My schedule while in the Big Apple was pretty packed, by Jeremy put forth every effort to make sure we had a chance to work together. The location for the shoot was at his Harlem apartment…which was amazing. From the way it was decorated, to it’s built in appointments alongside some very long and interesting spaces…it was an ideal place to create some very unique work.

We were able to create several distinct spaces and concepts within the confines of his home…

His bedroom had a very antique, gritty quality to it, while still being a delicate and beautiful space to photograph. I wanted to capture a more raw, grainy series of photos that would be able to not only play off of the environment itself, but would give Jeremy some room to play with emotion, and in some cases lack thereof. This is a very different style that I am accustomed to embracing, but everything seemed to align in a way that allowed me to feel open to traveling down this road. I believe the final images bring so much emotion, power and texture.

I am particularly smitten with this series of images, and I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to know your thoughts about the photos, or any questions you may have about them. Please leave them in the comments below.

Thank you so much, Jeremy.

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