What About Blaine || Internet Darling, Stud, Goofball


What about Blaine? That’s not only an excellent question, but it just so happens to be his Instagram handle. Allow be to introduce What About Blaine. This Northern Californian turned West Hollywood darling has amassed quite a following via his social networking outlets, due to the fact that he has quite a personality, isn’t afraid to be silly…and well, let’s face it…he’s pretty sexy/adorable.

I met Blaine at a nightlife event in San Francisco in 2013 through a mutual friend, (the very sexy in his own right) Joshua Yeagley. As we do in today’s world, a Facebook friendship was born and I couldn’t help but get caught up in Blaine’s (moment-to-moment) updates and antics. Whether he’s striking a pose, taking a selfie or making hilarious videos with his dog, Flash, it’s always fun to see what’s up with Blaine. He’s been working very diligently for some time on building his physique…and if one scrolls back through his feeds…you’ll see that he has been very successful in that venture.

I had seen a lot of photos of Blaine taken by friends with phone cameras, but no actual “photos” to speak of. Before a visit to LA in April, I connected with Blaine to see if he had any interest in doing a test shoot with me. Partially because I thought he would be great in front of the camera, partially because I thought he’s look great on film…and finally, just to say HI. At first he seemed almost surprised that I had asked him. I was surprised he hadn’t been asked more often. After a few moments of thought he agreed, and we made a date to shoot.

I arrived at Blaine’s West Hollywood apartment, loaded out my equipment, setup, did some styling and we were off. Originally, my plan was to do a 15-20 minute test shoot…which turned out to be a solid hour shoot. I was having too much fun digging through it closet, pulling out some of kitschy pieces of clothing and letting him do his thing. I liked the more reserved, almost mischievous, energy he brought to our shoot. Not fraught with his typical casual silliness.

All in all, it was was a good time. I’m not sure Flash would agree since he was restricted during our shoot for “my safety” as Blaine put it. He’s just a ball of energy…and we needed to…focus. Flash sure does know how to give good puppy eyes though…must have learned that from his Daddy. Thanks for the good time, Blaine. And be sure to thank Brett for supervising.

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