Walter Delmar || *NSFW* || DJ, Dancer, Producer


“Would love to shoot w u!” … this was what I saw in my direct message inbox on Instagram this past May. The photo that accompanied it was very suggestive and abstract…and at once very beautiful. Walter Delmar? Who is Walter Delmar? I just couldn’t place him. So I did what any normal person does these days…I cyberstalked him out via Google, Facebook, Instagram…you know, like you do. It didn’t take me long to realize that we knew more than just a few of the same people.

As it turns out, Walter is a very well known and beloved personality in the Los Angeles/West Hollywood LGBT and Nightlife communities. Walter really knows how to drop the sickest beats (hip hop, trap and GDM…gay dance music as he likes to call it), as is proven by his being invited to spin at Fubar, Rage and LA Pride 2014, to name just a few. Not only can he drop the beats, but he can move to them as well…I mean really move. What a dancer! He can be seen around town making cameo appearances dancing at some of LA’s most popular gay nightlife venues and events…Micky’s, Akbar, Eagle, and Faultline for Absolut Underwurld presented by Shawn Morales (of RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew fame).

As it turns out, he is “the man” behind the scenes as well. Walter is the Producer of Jonny McGovern‘s new talk show “Hey Qween!” … the gayest talk show of all time. Jonny (who I’ve also had the pleasure of working with) and his sidekick, drag diva Lady Red Couture, riff about current hot topics and interview amazing LGBT guests. So far, the show has featured RuPaul, Frank DeCaro, Calpernia Addams, Alec Mapa, Jackie Beat, Jake Shears, Detox, Andrew Christian, Willam Belli and the cast of “Where the Bears Are” … just to name a few. “Hey Qween!” is fast becoming the talk show destination for LGBT stars.

So, needless to say, I was (beyond) sold. After some Facebook chatting, we setup a time to shoot while Walter has in town working during SF Pride weekend in June. I’m not sure how we were both ok with shooting the Monday after the long weekend of partying…but nonetheless…we were both there and ready to go.

Because Walter was willing to bare it all during the shoot, I wanted to choose a spot that would not only give us (him) the freedom to do just that, but where I would find a variety of scenes and backdrops to utilize. I decided upon Baker Beach in San Francisco. Not only did we have the Golden Gate Bridge, the water and some amazing “rock” areas…but we had Battery Chamberlain…which is simply stunning.

Did you know that Walter is one of the nicest, sweetest guys…ever? I had so much fun working with him, because it didn’t feel like work at all. It felt like two old buddies shooting the breeze and hanging at the beach. There’s nothing more wonderful to me than a man that is “beautiful” both inside and out. Walter is one world class gentleman.

In conclusion, here they are…the fruits of our labor. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed making them. Thanks again, Walter, for making this such a wonderful experience.

Press PLAY ▶︎ to enjoy Latch by Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith) while viewing.

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