Frisky Fashion || “Horse of Arabia” Designer, Husam Salman


I met Husam Salman, Owner/Designer of the Los Angeles based menswear line Horse of Arabia, a few years ago through a friend of a friend (you know LA). But it wasn’t until our time together in the studio back in April that I felt as if I actually got to know him. If you aren’t familiar with the type of fashion that Husam creates…here are a few buzz words I might use: bright, bold, sexy, flashy and frisky. Definitely frisky. He showed up to the studio with his own makeup artist, the fabulous Raymond Gonzales, and enough fashion to make Donatella blush. Since we were using his own fashion pieces…I didn’t send him my usual “bring this, bring that” type of list beforehand, so I really didn’t know what to expect or what I’d have to shoot with. I was not disappointed. Not only is Husam the designer of these fashions, but he was going to be the one modeling them…so needless to say, he was very connected to this shoot, which moved me. As he started going through his “bag of tricks” I couldn’t get over how much fun he was to photograph. He was in, all in. Free with his emotions, his body and his work. In a very short period of time (around two hours) we had gone through about seven different looks…each with it’s own unique makeup accompaniment. It was a whirlwind of a session…but one that I won’t soon forget. As for the images we created…I hope you’ll join me in being extremely pleased with the result. Thank you, Sam, for allowing your artistic vision to collide with mine.

You can see more of Husam’s Horse of Arabia fashions in my upcoming charity calendar project:
“The Men of 2015 : Los Angeles” 13- Month Calendar benefiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center

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