“The Men of 2013 : Los Angeles” Calendar || *NSFW* || Dan, Leo & Johnny Exposed


During my 2013 calendar shoot, I experienced a few windows of downtime between models. Three models in articular were up to sharing a little bit more with me than just the photos I was looking for to use in the calendar. I’ve worked with a couple of these guys on more than one occasion since our “first time” together, and I continue to love working with and being around these awesome, friendly, sweet and sexy guys. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the view…

Press PLAY ▶︎ to enjoy Bad Boys by Miami Sound Machine while viewing.



AW_IMG_0835_Watermarked AW_IMG_0806_Watermarked AW_IMG_0796_Watermarked AW_IMG_0719_Watermarked AW_IMG_0727_Watermarked AW_IMG_0735_Watermarked AW_IMG_0845_Watermarked AW_IMG_0850_Watermarked JOHNNY YAMAMOTO

AW_IMG_0202_Watermarked AW_IMG_0192_Watermarked AW_IMG_0212_Watermarked AW_IMG_0225_Watermarked AW_IMG_0242_Watermarked DAN LOVELL

AW_IMG_2028_Watermarked AW_IMG_1989_Watermarked AW_IMG_2043_Watermarked AW_IMG_2078_Watermarked AW_IMG_2082_Watermarked AW_IMG_2096_Watermarked AW_IMG_1922_Watermarked AW_IMG_1935_Watermarked AW_IMG_1477_Watermarked AW_IMG_1519_Watermarked AW_IMG_1578_Watermarked AW_IMG_2221_Watermarked AW_IMG_2279_Watermarked AW_IMG_2212_Watermarked AW_IMG_2151_Watermarked



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