Leonardo Cruz || **NSFW** || Actor, Dancer, Model, Los Angeles


I just can’t say enough about this hunk of a man. Leonardo Cruz, Leo for short, just might be one of the sexiest men I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Whether he’s fully clothed or completely naked…this guy has got it all, with his million-dollar smile and beautiful eyes he just draws you in. I first got the chance to work with and meet Leo when he posed for my 2013 calendar of LA men. Because of gaps in the shoot day schedule, I actually got to work with Leo more than I had anticipated that day, and I was so grateful for the opportunity. Well, some time later, after getting to know Leo better through the LA nightlife scene, we decided it would be great to work together in a more dedicated fashion. He came into the studio and we had a fun-filled day, which not only included our individual shoot, but a duo shoot with model and actor Shawn Thomas. Leo’s fluid sensuality and quiet confidence bring an energy in to the studio that I am not accustomed to working with. Very few models actually get me to blush…but Leo is one of those models. Now that I’m living in SF, I get the opportunity to see him every now and then when I’m in LA or he’s up here, but I really do enjoy hanging out with this really cool cat.

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Check out my duo shoot with Leo and Shawn here.



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