Joshua Yeagley || **NSFW** || Designer, Gogo, Sexy Cub


Josh Yeagley. Josh Yeagley. Doesn’t it just sound sexy? Well, the good news is…Josh is indeed sexy. I met josh a few years ago when I was shooting events at Faultline Bar in Los Angeles. It’s a classic love story…boy sees boy, boy photographs boy, boys fall in man love, boy asks boy if he can take pictures of boy naked, boy says yes, boys live happily ever after.

In all seriousness, not only is Josh a sexy hunk of a man, but he is a very talented designer…and one hell of a nice guy. He’s had his on and off times when it comes to dancing…and I was lucky enough to snag him during one of his on times. This dude is a dream…sweet, kind, easy to work with…and very free with his…form. Even though we only had a short amount of time in the studio together, a good time was had by all…and the photos that resulted are pretty sexy too. Thanks for giving me some face time, Josh. Miss you, big guy.

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