Erick “The Ab Pro” Salgado || Weight Lifter, Body Builder, Fitness Trainer, Model, Writer


When I met Erick “The Ab Pro” Salgado back in May of 2012…we was one of the most fit men I’d ever photographed…and that was precisely the point. I was experimenting with different kinds of photography and weight lighting / body building seemed like a very interesting subject to explore. After looking at a few of the images below…you’ll see that his nickname of “the Ab Pro” is very well deserved. I drove out to Chino, CA early one morning to meet up with him at a gym we were going going to use for the shoot. For a guy that is so “big and strong” he couldn’t had a more relaxed, gentle nature. I’m not sure why, but I was pretty surprised by that fact. When we arrived at the location, I realized the area we were in had some really amazing “spots” right around it. Trains, empty fields, power towers, industrial buildings…so instead of just jumping right into the physique portion of the shoot…we played around with some of the different looks he brought along with him to see what we could make happen. Well…let’s just say this, Erick looks good whether he’s in clothes or out of them. He has striking features and that build of his fills out clothes in an amazing way. During our shoot I was lucky enough to get to meet his lovely fiancée (now his lovely wife) Delia. She met up with us on her lunch break and spent a little time checking our her man “striking a pose” … and she was diggin’ every minute of it. Shortly after her departure…we decided to move into the gym and see what we could achieve in there. All I can say…Erick is one strong dude. Wow. He was curling weights I could never even dream of picking up. It was super impressive. Erick and Delia now own and run several “boot camps” in the Redlands, CA & Temecula, CA areas…and from what I can tell…they are doing amazingly well! I’m so happy for them. Congratulations you two! Now that some time has passed, I’d really love to opportunity to shoot with Erick again, and maybe even get Delia in on the action 🙂 What do you say guys? To be continued…

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