Heberto de la Parra || Model, Actor


I met Heberto de la Parra in 2012 while I was living in Los Angeles. I was still playing around with my photography and developing my style (things I hope never actually end).

Heberto was quite shy and a very mellow guy. Our time together wasn’t one of my more of my talkative sessions. Having said that…as soon as it was “lights, camera, action” … he was ON. This guy knew how to throw a look, rock and pose and…when it came out…show you one of those smiles that should accompany a light “bling” and a “ca-ching” sound.

We had a cool time roaming around Griffith Park looking for locations. The best part was…even though Heberto brought a lot of white (very expensive) clothing…he wasn’t afraid of getting down and dirty. I had him on the ground, scurrying up trees, climbing hills and crouching in drainage pipes…he was on board every moment of the way. I always feel like that is the unsung attribute that models brings to any shoot…the photographer can envision, but if the model isn’t willing to “go for it”…nothing’s going to come of it. I give Heberto full marks for willingness to go for it. He was awesome.

It’s been a while since these photos were taken, but even now, years later, I’m really proud of the work we did and the photos we created. Thanks, Heberto.

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